Balpakram National Park

The land of the perpetual wind.

Some important landmarks of Balpakram National Park

These are few of the landmarks associated with traditional Garo folklore and belief.

Boldak Matchu Karam

Boldak Matchu Karam is a tree (Schima Wallichii) where the spirit of the departed soul would tie his cow, which was given to the deceased by his relatives to carry his belongings into the afterlife. It is believed that the spirits would ties their cows in this Boldak tree trunk while they go to wash off the ashes of cremation from their bodies in the Chidimmak black water pool nearby. What's puzzling is that the tethering mark of the rope around the tree trunk can still be seen today. The Boldak Matchu Karam is located on the edge of the Me'mang Anti or the Marketplace of the spirits.

Chidimmak / Chigisim

Chidimmak / Chigisim or the "Black pool" is a small pool of freshwater flowing from the nearby forest into the Balpakram plateau. This stream will later join with other streams to form the Mahadeo river. Chidimmak is one of the most important landmark in Balpakram. It is believed that the spirit of the deceased person will come to this pool to wash off the ashes from the cremation before entering into Balpakram. Therefore the water in this pool looks black and dirty from a distance, however, when you reach nearer, the pool becomes crystal clear and transparent. 

Me'bit Me'bang

Me'bit Me'bang is believed to be Dikki's granary. It is a small conical mound of exposed multicolored rocks and pebbles. It is strongly believed that, the direction towards which the pebbles appears, villages in that direction will get good harvest that year. It has been proved that, the pebbles mysteriously reappears in the next morning even if the pebbles are cleaned the previous evening. It is also believed that, this mound can also grant you your wish if you pray for your wish near this mound. The mystery deepens...

Rangdokram A'bri :

This small hillock on the edge of the Balpakram cliff is called Rangdokram A'bri or the hill where the gongs are played. It is believed that, when a new spirit comes to Balpakram, musical instruments like the gongs, flutes, drums and cymbals are played in this hillock to call all the spirits to welcome the newcomer to Balpakram. Gongs are also sounded to call for a meeting at the nearby Me'mang Melaram or the meeting place of the spirits. Villagers walking past this hillock claimed to have heard faint sounds of musical instruments and sounds of human voices murmuring near this hillock. 

Chitmang Peak :

Chitmang Peak is the 2nd highest peak in Garo Hills. It is about 1029 meters above sea level. Chitmang Peak is also known as Waimong by the local Atong tribes and the Hindus call it Kailash Pahar. The Chitmang Peak changes it's shape depending from where you are looking at it. If you are looking from Sibbari or Rewak / Karukol side, it will look like a dome. If you look from Rongara side it will look like a sleeping giant. If you look from Balpakram plateau it will look like a rectangular box (See above). If you are lucky, you can see  waterfalls on the foothills of Chitmang peak during rainy season.

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