Balpakram National Park

The land of the perpetual wind.


Tura to Balpakram

Tura to Balpakram is approximately 170 Kms via Dalu (Barenggapara). Travelling time is about 8 hours depending on type of vehicle and duration of stoppages on the way. 

SUV rental and tour guides are available from Tura to Balpakram who are trained to look after tour logistics, permissions, entry formalities, accommodations and foods etc.

Williamnagar to Balpakram

Travelling from Williamnagar to Balpakram is one of the most scenic and adventurous roadtrip one can undertake in Garo Hills. The distance from Williamnagar to Balpakram via Siju & Baghmara is about 145 Kms and travelling time is about 7 hours depending on type of vehicle and duration of stoppages on the way.

SUV rental and Tour guides are also available from Williamanagar for tourists who are interested in exploring Balpakram from East Garo Hills and also visit world famous "Siju Cave" at Siju. 1 day stay and exploration at Siju and visit to Siju Bird Sanctuary is a must for those who can spare 1 extra day.

Distance in Kilometers

Guwahati to Tura = 220 Kms

Guwahati to Williamnagar = 215 Kms

Tura to Baghmara via Dalu = 110 Kms

Tura to Sibbari = 90 Kms

Tura to Balpakram = 170 kms

Williamnagar to Baghmara = 85 Kms

Williamnagar to Balpakram = 145 Kms

Baghmara to Balpakram = 60 Kms

Baghmara to Siju Cave = 35 Kms

(Approximate distance for reference only)

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