Balpakram National Park

The land of the perpetual wind.

21st to 25th February 2019 : (5 days/ 4 nights)
ATS Bike Tour 2019 : Rules & Regulations.

1. The riders must follow and adhere to the expedition terms and conditions set by ATS.  
2. Tour fee : Bikers Rs 2,500/- per head (for service vehicle, park entry fee, guide fee, food and accommodation)
3. Camera fee & Plastic bottle fee for National Park is not included in the Tour fee.
4. Lunch / Tea / refreshments during journey & fuel will be at riders’ own expense.
5. The riders must be responsible for their own motorbike. Full inspection is advised before the trip.
6. Photostat copy of Valid RC, Insurance, Driving license & Photo ID must be submitted.
7. Helmet is compulsory and must be worn at all time during the journey.
8. The convoy will travel in set speed and bikes will be given serial numbers. Overtaking is not allowed.
9. Safety gears like glove, knee guard, elbow guard, sun cap, face mask and chest guard are highly recommended.
10. Tools and spare cables, tubes and necessary accessories must be carried by the riders.
11. Tour mechanic / bike technician will be available but bike owner must pay for the repair and spares.
12. Bikes with free flow exhaust / modified silencer / loud exhaust will not be allowed.
13. All the bike’s lights, horn and indicators must be in working condition.
14. Please carry sunglasses / shades, scarfs, tattoo sleeves and appropriate dress for the trip.
15. White colour shirt or t-shirt is compulsory during to and fro journey.
16. Riders must carry their own air tight tiffin box & water bottles for packed lunches during trekking.
17. Riders must also carry their own medicines (if needed), torch lights, rain coat, sleeping bag & cameras.
18. Accommodation is very limited, riders are encouraged to carry own light bedding or sleeping bags.
19. This trip will involve long walks & trekking, comfortable non slip trekking shoes are recommended.
20. Eatables like biscuits, cookies, toffees, energy bars, juice are recommended.  But no pollution please.
21. Other regulations which may be enforced on the spot depending on situation.

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